BlueWave has more than 600MW of solar projects under development in the United States, South Africa and the Caribbean.


In the United States

BlueWave Solar is a solar energy company founded on a mission to make solar available to everyone, everywhere. Driven to transform the energy status quo, BlueWave enables communities to take control of their energy production and consumers to choose local, low-cost power through our suite of consumer solar products, including the BlueWave Community Solar Share and the BlueWave Home Solar Loan. That’s our vision for a cleaner planet. And it’s our energy solution for the “100%”.


In South Africa’s IPP PROGRAMME, BlueWave has approximately 500MW in development:

BlueWave has multiple sites under development in the REIPPP Programme totalling over 460MW and numerous sites under development in the Small Projects IPP Procurement Programme totalling 30MW including, two Preferred Bidder Projects.


Predevelopment in The Bahamas:

30 to 50 MW